Our quest for the perfect giant bracelet display started out in 2019, when I was starting to vend at festivals. We created a brand which promoted positive thinking. Our mission was to spread awareness that Everything Is Possible when you are aware of the words and thoughts that we use. Out of nothing, we created a brand that seemed to promote a positive message that will change people’s lives. 

We decided to start selling our branded t-shirts, motivational canvas prints as well as competitively priced bracelets at festivals throughout Florida. When vending at festivals, we were mostly limited to a 10’ x 10’ tent, which became a challenge as we had a ton of inventory which simply would not fit. Jewelry and bracelets were a very popular item at festivals and greatly helped the bottom line. We expanded our selection of bracelets that we were offering. We kept having challenges with displaying all of our displays in the event tent because we only had an 8’ table to display the jewelry as well as other items which were popular. We purchased several cost effective 3 level bracelet displays and showcased our bracelets and anklets at shows. The challenge became that we needed 6-7 displays to have a change at showcasing a fraction of what we were selling. Our table became cluttered and looking unprofessional as we were simply using every inch of the table, which made the presentation lacking.

During one of the festivals, I met another vendor that had 3  8 level wooden displays at their booth. I immediately fell in love with the display and knew that I had to have one, or two of them. After speaking to my friend, he told me that he had purchased these displays many years ago from a vendor hat sold wood displays that were manufactured in Bali, Indonesia. Immediately, I went on an internet search for these displays, as I saw them as being a perfect solution to organize our booth and be able to show case more bracelets, watches and other popular items. After weeks of searching, I found similar displays that were manufactured in Bali. Unfortunately, after repeated attempt for communication, we gave up after not hearing back regarding our inquiries. 

A year later, I ended up traveling in the far east for business. I was determined to find these displays and import them to the states as I knew that there are many retailers, festival vendors and even end user consumers that would love this type of display. I ended up making a special trip to Bali, Indonesia in a quest to find these manufacturers. After endless searching, I found that these manufacturers were hard to find, hard to communicate with and that the shipping costs would simply be too high to make this dream a reality. I also noticed, that there was not consistency in the quality of their product, which would be a big concern if this would be an item that we would market and sell in America. 

For months, I literally would stay up at night thinking of this display and how perfectly it would be integrated in my booth. I was determined to create my own display, both for personal use and for the benefit of other festival vendors and retailers.. I decided to create a new custom giant bracelet display that would be even better than what I had found online, that was simply without our practical reach.

I decided to work with an engineer to create a blue print for the perfect bracelet display that I have been drawing of for months. We decided to go all in and make a bigger and better giant bracelet and jewelry display that would be a perfect solution for many out there that had the same challenges with space that we do. We decided to make the display a 10 level display, instead of 8. We made each wooden bar 18” wide, which is approximately 50% bigger then anything else we found. We did NOT stop there! We also added a useful built in drawer, which is perfect for storage in any setting. We spoke to several manufacturers and found the perfect fit, which provided us with a great quality product, consistent quality and the opportunity to bring this to market in the US. 

We decided to start with a 10 level bracelet stand that has a built in drawer. However, our goal is to provide new solutions with time. We have been in talks with several clients who are interested in order 50 or more custom displays for their franchisees. These range from 7 to 8 level display without drawers and other custom options.

Our vision has come to live and we have received amazing and productive feedback from our clients who have purchased these displays for both retail and home use. Our vision began as a dream to solve a practical solution. We are well on the way to creating an entire product line catered to those who have a need to display a large amount of bracelets but have a limited amount of space to showcase these in.

We are excited about the quality product that we have developed and look forward to expanding..